High Speed Secure Hosting

Who are we?

We are a very small family owned hosting company. We strive to give the best customer service and very high quality product. If you are looking for the cheapest hosting company, keep looking. If you are looking for highly reliable, low customer to server ratios, a company with attention to detail. You have found it!!

About our data center

Physical Security

Our data center is as secure as an Army base. Access to our data center faculties is restricted by Biometric hand scanners as well as digital ID - cards. In addition, a closed circuit video surveillance system is constantly monitoring the surroundings for intruders.

Network Security

We use the latest firewall software and Cisco Hardware to guarantee your data is secure. Furthermore, we use the leading anti Virus and anti Spam software products on the market to ensure safety from malicious attacks over the net.

Backup Power

Power failures will not affect us. We utilize a UPS system as well as an onsite generator. This combination will ensure uninterrupted operation.


Premium Network - A BGP mix of Global Crossing, Pccw, Hurricane Electric, Tinet / Tiscali, PacketExchange / Mzima and direct peering with many networks. In many cases this means that data transfers from our servers may be up to 3-4 times faster than our competitors.

Meticulous Environment

We run our data center like a surgical room. A climate control system ensures our servers are never threatened by any extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, our high ceilings provide for a save environment where the hot air flows to the top. In an unlikely event that a fire occurs an advanced fire suppression system will be activated and the fire extinguished. Raised floors provide for the ability to create a secure and risk free wiring system, power cables are wired separately from data cables, which further reduces risks. We have studied the internet traffic of San Diego Business and Residents we target this market for speed and web experience.